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Spring, Summer and Fall
Village Leaf pickup begins in the Fall based upon demand from September Through November as needed. Leaf pickup days during this period are Monday and Tuesday only. For brush pickup follow the schedule tab.
Waste Pick Up is Friday
Refuse Collection cans or bags should be at the curb NO LATER THAN 7AM on Friday Morning. Cart is not to be out more than 12 hours in advance of pickup and must be removed from curb side within 48 hours after waste pickup. Refuse must be placed at the curb in a watertight 95-gallon blue lid container. You may place as much as you want provided it is properly contained.
Special (BULKY) Pickups
One large item may be placed curbside each week for collection. Your bulky item shall be bundled in parcels not to exceed two foot by four feet in length and or fifty pouns in weight. The term "Bulky Item" shall include such items as stoves, water tanks, washing machines, furniture, chairs, couches, bedsprings, water heaters, and other large waste materials. You may place only one bulky item out each month that contains Freon. Please call Republic Services at least 24 hours in advance prior to placing a bulky item curbside so that the appropriate equipment can be dispatched toll free-1-800-438-0966.
Your New Red Lid Recycle Program
Recycle pickup will be once a month, pickup schedule is for the second Friday of each month. Please have your Red Lid recycling cart at the curb by 7am on the second Friday morningof each month.Cart is not to be out more than 12 hours in advance of pickup and must be removed from curb side within 48 hours after waste pickup.All recycle must be placed in an authorized Red Lid recycle Cart prior to setting curbside.
What Exactly can I put into my Red Lid Recycle Cart
  • All Colors. Rinse out; remove lids, labels are OK.
  • NO pyrex, window glass, ceramics, light bulbs, mirrors, or broken glass.

Metal Food & Beverage Cans

  • Metal cans tin/steel/aluminum cans and beverage cans' also lids from glass bottles and jars.
  • Rinse clean; labels are okay.
  • Flatten if possible

Basicly all Plastics Pet #1 through 7

Small mouth necked plastic bottles such as milk jugs, water jugs, laundry and hair bottles with a #1through 7 placed within the recycle arrows.

  • Rinse well, remove caps, labels are OK.
  • Items once filled with Motor oil, or other hazarddous substance. Such as Narrow-Neck Plastic Bottles example, milk jugs, bleach/detergent, shampoo bottles.

Newspapers & Magazines & Cardboard

  • Place flat in the bottom of your recycling bin, or place in a brown paper grocery bag only.
  • Newspapers can include color comic sections and glossy inserts.
  • Cardboard must be broken down & bundled.
  • Grocery Bags,
  • Car tires State law requires that tires be cut in quarters before being place at curbside.

Yard Waste Collection

Grass clippings, leaves, brush and other yard waste will be collected EVERY WEEK on the same day as refuse and recycliables from APRIL through the end of NOVEMBER on your regularly scheduled collection day. Put grass, leaves, weeds and garden waste into biodegradable Kraft paper bags or place loose in a 32 gallon can clearly marked "YARD WASTE ONLY" Twigs, brush and shrubbery must be tied in bunches not more than 4 feet in length and not more than 6 inches in diameter.

Holiday Schedule

Unless you are notified otherwise by Republic, there will be no collection on the following six holidays:

New Years Day   Labor Day

Memorial Day

Thanksgiving Day
July 4th Christmas Day

When the holiday falls on a weekday, there will be no collections on that day, and the rest of that week's refuse, recycling and yard waste collection will be one day later than usual. If the holiday falls upon a weekend, your collection day will not change.

Please contact Village Office for Recycle carts for new residents call 868-4503 or visit the Municipal Building 2073 Gates Street.